Lady Windermere's Fan

Lady Windermere's Fan

Costume Designer

Director: Susan Felder

Lighting Designer: Rachel 

Scenic Designer: Lyndsey Purvis

Hair & Makeup Designer: Oran 

Fall 2019

"I’d be remiss to not mention the stunning costumes designed by Christa Hanks. These gorgeous 19th-century costumes had me swooning and dying to try one on...The tuxes on the men were so dashing and paired well with the women’s gowns, which gives a bit more subtlety to let the gowns take center stage."

-Anne Simendinger (The News Record)

"The clothing is magnificent! Costume designer Christa Hanks has joined together a world of beautiful day dresses and sumptuous ball gowns, well fitting suits, and servants’ dresses and livery. The main characters pop in jewel tones, while the others are richly textured neutrals, all topped off by lovely millinery."